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Today we wanted to chat about the number one question we get the most. What is Freshmart?

Keizer’s Freshmart is pretty much just as our name suggests. We are a small format, full service grocery store – an Affiliated Independent Grocer – owned by the Keizer family. In other words, an independent grocer affiliated with Loblaw Inc.


So what does that mean for you? It means we have the independence to source products locally and through smaller producers but also have the advantage of having access to the products and services from Loblaw. We can carry the NoName Yellow Label and the excellent Presidents Choice line of products.

Loblaw brand no name yellow label. We are proud to carry no name products

Did you know, you can get your Freshmart Flyer each Thursday? You can get it right here!! https://www.freshmart.ca/flyer/

Check us out. We are proud of our community. We ❤️ our customers!!