Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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??This Wednesday – March 17 – is St. Patrick’s Day. Traditionally, it marks the day of St. Patrick’s death, approximately in 460 CE. But it also signals the beginning of Spring and the end of the cold dark days of winter hibernation. What a better reason to celebrate with a large gathering, drinking beer and singing. ????

WHO WAS ST. PATRICK? Tradition holds that he ultimately became was a Bishop in Ireland and was known as the “Apostle of Ireland” but did you know that Patrick may not have actually been Irish? History tells us that Patrick, at 16, was kidnapped during a pillage of his family estate and taken to Ireland where he spent 6 years confined to loneliness and fear. It was during this time that Patrick committed to Christianity thus experiencing two miracles. Neither however, are the myth is that is associated with Patrick, namely that he drove all the snakes from Ireland. As a teacher I once had said.. “Patrick is associated with driving the snakes from Ireland, because there are not any snakes in Ireland. There probably never were snakes in Ireland!”

WHAT IS TRADITIONAL IRISH FOOD? What food is traditionally eaten on St. Patrick’s Day? Our searching told us that most traditional Irish dishes are made with potatoes and cabbage. Potatoes played a large part in Irish history and diet when they were introduced to the Island in the 16th Century.


Keizer’s Freshmart is celebrating St Patrick’s Day this year with a traditional Irish dish in our hot case. Wednesday we are making Colcannon served with Keizer’s Kountry Sausage. Come see us on Wednesday!!