Keizer’s Sausage

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Keizer’s Sausages

What makes a great sausage? We feel that a great sausage is one that has the freshest ingredients. And that is how we make our sausages. We use fresh ground pork and spices for flavour. Nothing else. No bread fillers.

We currently make a variety of flavours: Bold ( Italian style with chili pepper flakes and cayenne for HEAT), Mild (also Italian style with less heat), Keizer’s Kountry (which is our version of the traditional bratwurst). Seasonal sausages include Apple (made with puréed apples – not flavouring) and cranberry (using dried cranberries). The seasonal sausage meat is also sold without casings, because it is awesome in Thanksgiving or Christmas stuffing!!

If you haven’t tried some… BBQ season is almost upon us. Give a package a try!!!

Cranberry Sausages
Apple sausages