Why we LOVE Broaster Chicken

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In January 2020, we were excited to bring the Broaster Chicken program to Keizers and our community. Due to COVID restrictions, it look a little longer than planned, but in June we were cooking chicken!! And everyone loved it!!!

We do get asked, what is Broaster chicken? Here is a great little video from the Broaster Chicken company explaining why Broaster Chicken is a better product. Hint: it’s because of the cooking method!!

Currently have sides of Taters, French Fries, fresh made Coleslaw, and Pasta Salad. We also have garden salads and cheesecakes for dessert!! We are always experimenting with new side offerings. Stay tuned!!

We are excited to be part of this program and look forward to creating additional items Togo with chicken. If you have any ideas, we’d sure love to hear ‘em!! If you haven’t tried Broaster chicken, time to come in and see us!!