Weekly Flyer Feature – February 11-17 – Strawberries

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I love Strawberries

This week, we are featuring fresh strawberries – On Sale this week – $3.99 for 454g

Sunday, February 14, we celebrate St. Valentines Day. Strawberries have become a symbol of Valentines, a fresh fruit treat given to many a loved one, namely because of their lovely red colour, aroma, and juicy sweetness. Many admired have received strawberries in a salad, in a dessert or dipped in dark chocolate.

What is also awesome about strawberries are the benefits that this fruit has on ones heart. Strawberries hold antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients which provide health benefits in three areas: prevention of cardiovascular disease, improved regulation of blood sugar, and the prevention of certain cancers.(www.whfoods.com)

What does a strawberry have that makes it so special? Vitamin C!! Health research indicates that strawberries may be the best fruit source for Vitamin C.

So in celebration of Valentines and Strawberries, below we offer two strawberry recipes. One – the Strawberry Dessert – is a sweet treat that can be shared with your Valentine. The other – Strawberry Banana Smoothie – a way to introduce strawberries into your daily diet and give you its many health benefits!!!

1 cup yogurt – can be frozen, or flavoured or plain, 1/2 cup fresh strawberries, 1/2 cup ripe bananas, 1 cup orange juice, crushed ice, BLEND

Enjoy Valentines Day and enjoy some STRAWBERRIES