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We are back with an Updated NEWS on our site.

2020 had been a crazy year, as everyone knows. But here we are, a few weeks into 2021, and things are slowly getting better. We THANK our community of Eastern Passage, Cow Bay and Shearwater for your continued support of us and all small businesses in our community!

We are excited to continue the home delivery option for all those in our community who are isolating due to public health requirements or those who have difficulty getting out. Whatever the reason – we are happy to help.

Any order placed here before NOON, will be delivered same day. Don’t worry we will call you before we come to make sure nothing gets left on the doorstep. Any orders placed after noon, we be delivered next day.

Please feel free to call us with any questions or comments. We strive to make this as seamless as possible! 902-407-4010.